Kayaking for novice to advanced paddles in the sheltered waters of the Gulf Islands

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Seals pop up and gaze with inquisitive eyes, while an eagle soars overhead. The protected waters of the Southern Gulf Islands are ideal for sea kayaking. Our certified guides possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The paddling options are many and are suitable for both beginner and seasoned kayakers.

Kayak Tours - Click image to see larger version (pdf)
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We are open year-round for kayak tours upon request for two or more people!
Whether you want a two-hour Goat Island tour, a three-hour Chocolate Beach tour
or something longer we will be happy to accommodate you.

We do need 2 people booking on Harbour Tours and 4 persons minimum on Marine Park Tours. If you do not have 4 people in your party, you may still sign up for a Marine Park Tour; if we do not add more people to total 4, the option would be to do a Chocolate Beach Tour.

Select a or calendar showing the variety of tours that we offer.


Chocolate Beach
3 hrs $75/person + GST - Discounts for Youth

Chocolate Beach Kayaking

Chocolate Beach - Salt Spring Island kayaking

This is suitable for people with little or no kayaking experience and enjoyed by those who have paddled for years. It takes us past the intertidal life eagles nests, seal pull out areas, and magnificent glistening white midden beaches. Along the way we may be followed by Harbour Seals, see belted Kingfishers diving into the water, and cormorants drying their wings. Bald Eagles are also a common sight; however, they leave for the early salmon run in August. Our paddling will then bring us to the white shells of Chocolate Beach, named for the exquisite Chocolate Lilies that grow there in the spring. The beach has a tropical feel and is a perfect spot for a scrumptious snack of tea, juice, and fresh muffins.

After stretching our legs it’s back into the kayaks to travel along the west side of Deadman Island, viewing the sandstone formations along the way. Then we cross over to Walter’s Bay viewing the Bird Sanctuary, which is protecting the Black Oyster Catchers. Here we have the chance to view more intertidal life and see Great Blue Herons fishing or perched in gnarled firs trees.

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Goat Island Tour
2 hrs $65/person + GST -Discounts for Youth

Goat Island Kayaking - eagle

Goat Island kayaking

This tour is a spectacular introduction to some of the wonders of Salt Spring Island. After leaving our sandy beach in Ganges we will first come to Grace Point where there are often Great Blue Herons fishing. We then cross Ganges Harbour and head over to Goat Island. Goat Island is private property; however its owners have turned the island into an ecological reserve making it an excellent wildlife viewing area. The North end of Goat Island is quite shallow allowing us to explore the vibrant and bountiful intertidal life.

The island is also home to several mother seals and their pups in the summer. Traveling along the shoreline gives us the opportunity to see an active bald eagle’s nest, belted Kingfishers fishing, cormorants drying their wings, river otters swimming along the shore, and mink scampering along the rocks looking for lunch. On the west side of Goat Island we paddle past sandstone rock formations before returning “home” to Island Escapades beach.

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Sunset and Moonlight Paddles
3 hrs $75/person + GST - Discounts for Youth

Salt Spring kayaking sunset

Sunset paddle - Salt Spring Island Kayaking

These are 3 hour tours that paddle around Goat Island and to Chocolate Beach depending on the tides and the winds. Sunset paddles, typically leaving between 5:30-6:00pm, allow time to see wonderful intertidal life and time to enjoy the glow of the waning sun and the rise of the evening moon. Sunset paddles offer beautiful scenery and the serenity of the setting colours - it is by far the best picture-taking light of the day!

We enjoy cookies, tea and juice on Chocolate beach or another pristine white shell midden beach. Enjoying the calmer waters of the Gulf Island evenings, we often view eagles feeding over the water and seals catching their early evening meals. The Moonlight Paddles are offered around the full moon. These paddles typically leave at 8:30-9:00pm and allow paddlers to enjoy the afterglow of the sunset and the enchantment of the moonrise. Here we often get to view the magic of the phosphorescence glowing in the water! This paddle also enjoys a snack of tea and cookies.

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Marine Park Tours
more info...

Salt Spring Kayaking - marine park

Salt Spring kayaking

Salt Spring kayaking
The Marine Park tours allow you to paddle further a field and outside of Ganges Harbour to several Provincial and National Marine Parks around Salt Spring. These tours usually occur during the lower tide cycles of the day when intertidal life, marine mammal and bird viewing is best. We often see a large number of seals. Depending on the season we may also see creatures such as: Stellar Sea Lions, Dall’s Porpoises, Orcas, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Falcons, and Herons. The ocean vistas and Gulf Island views are ever changing with the seasons, making these tours great year round.

There are several locations that we venture out to on our Marine Park Tours. The location for the day is often determined by the weather but we try to factor in which park has most recently had an abundance of wildlife.

Marine Park 5 Hours, snack provided.....$115.00

Marine Park 6 Hours with smorg lunch....$150.00

Marine Park 6 Hours with gourmet dinner................................................... *$170.00

Full Day Paddles around the National Park Lunch included ...............................................*$170.00

The Marine Park Tours we offer:

  • Wallace Island
  • Beddis Beach to the Mid Channel Islets
  • Secretary Islands
  • Sansum Narrows
  • Fulfor Harbour to Russell Island, and Prevost Island

*All our Marine Park Tours must have a minimum of 4 persons except the full day paddles to Prevost Island we will run with 3 persons minimum

*Discount for youth aged 15 and under

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"I would like to thank you and especially Justin for the tour to Chocolate Beach with my office staff in September.  As residents of Louisiana, we don't kayak through the bayous too often.  Thus we were novices and old girls too.  But it was our most memorable experience on the island.  Our group photo with the reflection in the water is everyone's screen saver.  I can't wait to get back to SSI and more kayaking.  Susan

Also see our Interpretive Walks

Seal  Seal

Photos by Paula Hilborn


Click on each of the links below to get more information
and pictures of what intertidal life, marine birds and mammals
you might see on a tour:

Intertidal Viewing (pdf)

Marine Mammals (pdf)

Marine Birds (pdf)

"I recently went on a tour with Island Escapades (my first time in a kayak) and found the guides to be really knowledgeable about the island's history and marine life, etc. It's a great way to get up close with the coastal surroundings and create some fun memories."



Eagle  Eagle

Photos by Paula Hilborn

Full Moon Paddle  Full Moon Paddle

FULL MOON PADDLE - Photos by Larry Kwan

Full Moon Paddle

Full Moon Paddle - Jack Rosen

FULL MOON PADDLE - Photos by Larry Kwan


Starfish  starfish

Photos by Paula Hilborn



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