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Sea Kayaking, Sailing, Rock Climbing, Rainforest Hikes, Intertidal Exploration, Wilderness Camping! The Gulf Islands, with their First Nations' history, incredible flora and fauna and spectacular lakes and ocean beaches, are a perfect place for educational adventures. Surrounded by picturesque islets and unique marine parks, the Gulf Islands also allow students to view marine mammals and bird life in their natural habitat.

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School Programs

ECO Adventure Programs

Our British Columbia outdoor adventure summer camps for youth and our B.C. school Eco Education programs are offered on Salt Spring Island in the Gulf Islands off Vancouver Island B.C., Canada. They are fun, safe, exciting, educational and challenging. Small youth groups can participate in a wide spectrum of activities. Experienced staff share their knowledge of and love for the environment, teaching the intricate balance within the ecosystem.

Island Escapades

Experiential education with a wilderness perspective

Island Escapades has operated for 26 years and emerged due to Jack Rosen and Candace Snow's love of the outdoors and the passion to educate youth through experiential learning. "Our programs focus on outdoor learning, environmental education and group dynamics." Jack has worked with Youth within Government Agencies, schools and privately with Island Escapades for over 26 years. His experience and knowledge is vast and the energy and enthusiasm that he exudes is addictive. The staff he has trained and who help co-ordinate programs are compassionate, fun, experienced, extremely knowledgeable and safety conscious.

All guides have years of experience in the outdoors and working with Youth: *Certified by SKBABC (Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of B.C.)

  • *Wilderness First Aid Certified
  • *Hand Held Marine Operators license
  • *Intertidal and Interpretive Training
  • *Climbing and Belay Certified

Island Escapades understands the budget constraints that teachers must work with and have tried to compile a varied program offering a wide price range and choice of activities. We have aimed to meet curriculum demands by having teachers place their input into program development. All our programs are camping or expedition oriented.

Groups do have options of staying in Cottages at Cusheon Lake Resort.

Rental Program

We will pick your group up at any of the three Salt Spring Ferries and transport you to Ruckle Park or Cusheon Lake. The Rental Program allows you to come with minimal gear and count on Island Escapades to provide: tents, sleeping pads, stoves, propane, pots/ pans/ cleaning utensils, and even the food. (Sleeping bag rentals available)

Type of Program

Maximum #'s

Cost Per Student

Cottage Rentals:
Cusheon Lake Resort
Activities on the A La Carte Menu or all inclusive

35 - 50 Students

Larger groups by special request


All inclusive Camping with food, activities & Instructors

35-60 Students


Expedition Based Programming either Kayaking or Mountaineering.

30 Kayaking
18-20 Climbing &



Island Escapades Staff can take Teachers to Ganges to purchase food. A Gas Surcharge will be evaluated.

A La Carte Menu




Max # of


Cost/ Person

Ocean Kayaking

2 hours
3 hours
4 hours



Intro to Kayaking Session
(on the lake with Ocean Kayaks)
Advanced Lake Session

2 hours

3 hours





Intro to Climbing

(Indoor gym)

2 hours

3 hours




Outdoor Climbing and Rappelling

4/5 hours




(32 - 41 Foot boats)

3-4 hours



Intertidal Ecology Workshops

1.5+ hours



Mountain Rainforest Hike

2-4 hours



Coastal Marine Ecology Hike

2-4 hours



Groups can rotate from one element to another so if you have a group of 36 students, 18 can go ocean kayaking while 18 go climbing, then the group rotates from one activity to another.

School group kayaking

2.5-3 Hour Optional Modules

  • Orienteering
  • Survival Skills
  • Leadership and First Aid Scenarios
  • Initiative Tasks & Team building. (Developing Leadership Thinkers)
  • West Coast Crafts
  • Music and Storytelling around the Campfire
  • The Great Survivor Race

Theses activities area available as part of our all inclusive programs or as optional 2.5-3 hour sessions. These can be run early evening after dinner or throughout the day. Prices are $40 for all activities.

A minimum number of 15 Students are needed to co-ordinate these programs.

Educational Modules 3 hour sessions.

  • Geology of Salt Spring Island
  • Navigation and Weather
  • Intertidal Studies
  • Marine Mammal Studies
  • Bird Songs and Raptors
  • Invertebrate Studies
  • West Coast Birdlife
  • Ecology
  • Archaeology and First Nations History

These programs utilize experts in the fields of Biology, Ecology, Botany, Geology, and Archaeology who are based here on Salt Spring Island. Prices will be determined according to module number of students and length of session. Prices wil be determined by module number.

Expedition Programming

These all-inclusive programs may include any of the optional modules plus an array of environmental education in \the field as we view marine mammals, intertidal life and sea birds. We set up camp at various Provincial and National Marine Parks around Salt Spring. These camp sites include Wallace Island, Dionisio Marine Park on Galiano, Prevost Island, Valdez & Tent Island or Princess Margrette Island. First day programs can include a 3- hour rescue course on Cusheon Lake, prior to heading out to the Parks. Programs are diverse and action packed with Team Building Initiatives, First Aid Scenarios, Survival skill training, Navigational skills and Route Planning. Groups can also set up Rock climbing sessions and do several of the education modules including Native Sweat Lodges. These programs are an unforgettable experience!! Please view our web site in the Photo Gallery to view pictures.

Non Summer Bookings (September to June) $149 per person/ day

Summer bookings (July and August) $159 per person/ day

Please contact us if you have any questions or require more information.




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